71 - Electronics simulations with LTSpice


In this lab class, you will perform the tasks of one of the electronics experiments (61, 62 or 63) by means of the powerful simulation program "LTSpice". It does not matter whether you previously completed one of these experiments in the lab or not. The goal is to learn how to use the simulation program.
Please note: The manuals are equivalent to those available for the 'traditional' experiments. Please download the manuals on the corresponding website. Moreover, please download and install (and maybe even run!) the simulation program "LTSpice": LT Spice Simulation Program. If you have the possibility, it is advisable to use a Windows PC - there is a slightly more userfriendly GUI.

Manuals for analog and digital -> see Manuals of 61 or 62, respectively Quick Start Guide for LTSpice
Manual for "RLC" with Spice simulation